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3 Generations of Women, 1 Business - International Women's Day @ HHM

As a business originally co-founded by a woman, and now co-run by a woman, its so exciting to take the time to reflect and celebrate all our women who have historically been a part of the agency, as staff, as family and as talent.

Happy International Women's Day from all of us @ HHM!!

Judi co-founded the agency back in 1991 and helped craft the agency into the business it is today. She manned the phones from day one and we'd be be lost without her.

Does anyone remember working with Buddy? Judi's mother, and Chloe's grandmother, she joined the agency for a time back in the early 00's when she retired from her prominent career on the London Fringe Theatre scene. Buddy passed away in early 2020, but's it wonderful to have an opportunity to remember her and her fabulous career and the impact she had on the agency. Please click HERE to listen to an interview of Buddy speaking to her granddaughter Polly about her legacy.

The agency is now co-run by Chloe. Whose first taste of the agency life was on a shoot where she was featured as a hand model and had her arms covered in prosthetics, at just 17 years old. 

That's 3 generations of family and women in just 33 in years.

We are now also proud to represent over 130 talented women. 

To all our ladies, past, present and future. We salute you!