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Manicurists & Nail Artists

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Manicurists & Nail Artists

Professional session manicurists, or nail technicians, work as a part of production crew on TV, Film and photographic shoots, delivering manicures and pedicures to talent on set. 

Their role is to ensure that the fingers and toenails of models and actors are pristine and to client specification, with specific interest in the following: 

  1. Nail Care and Treatment: Clean, cut, shape, and smooth nails, as well as removing dead skin and hangnails from around the nail bed.
  2. Polishing and Coloring: Applying nail polish or gel polish in a wide range of colors and creating nail art or designs using various tools and techniques.
  3. Nail Extensions and Enhancements: Applying acrylic or gel nail extensions, applying artificial nails or tips, or even providing fill-ins for nail growth areas when using extensions.
  4. Hand Care: Offer hand massages to relax the muscles and improve circulation. Exfoliate the skin on the hands to remove dead skin cells and provide moisturising treatments to keep the skin soft and hydrated.
  5. Sanitation and Cleanliness: Manicurists must ensure tools and equipment are sanitized between clients to prevent the spread of infections and they must maintain a clean and hygienic workspace on set.