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Hired Hands Models


Please read this before booking a model.

Hired Hands Models Limited (“we”, “us”, “our” “the Agency”) is a company registered in England and Wales. Our company registration number is 11622446 and our registered office is at 6 Carlton Road, Romford, Essex, RM2 5AA. Our registered VAT number is 308723407.

Hired Hands Models Limited is a regulated Model Agency and is restricted by the 1973 Employment Agency Act including amendments. Hired Hands Models Limited charges no upfront fees to Models in any way whatsoever.

  1. Booking Confirmation. All bookings must be confirmed prior to a job. Failure to do this may result in the booking being cancelled without further notice at the Agency’s discretion and at the Client’s liability. Provisional bookings will be automatically cancelled if they are not confirmed within 24 hours of the proposed booking. Talent will not be deemed confirmed until the Talent have been issued with definitive dates for which they will be working on an assignment, along with a signed copy of the Agency’s Booking Form stating the rates, hours, expenses and usage agreements for the Talent booked.
  2. Introductions. Talent that has been introduced to the Client, their Contacts, Affiliates, or otherwise, through the Agency agent must be booked and rebooked solely through the Agency unless the Model has resigned from the Agency.
  3. Fees. For booking Models, our minimum booking is two hours and then a day’s work is between eight or ten hours, for stills or moving image shoot respectively, which includes a lunch break within these timeframes. Normal rates apply to bookings between 9am and 6pm. Run-on rates must be agreed and confirmed prior to a shoot. If engaging the Agency in the booking of Models for use as walk-ons or extras, Modelling fees will still apply. All fees are to be negotiated directly solely with the Agency in all circumstances.
  4. Use of Images/ Rights. The proposed media, territories and length of time that the images of a Model booked through the Agency are to be used and active for must be confirmed prior to booking. This agreed term shall be the permission for the use of the Model’s image, likeness, name or nickname / stage name, signature, voice, reputation - or any other personal attributes or identifying feature – either in whole, or in part, through the assignment they will undertake. A Client may only use the images captured under the agreed usage terms. Any infraction of this rule, will result in additional fees being changed by the Agency. Usage fees will either be included within the Model’s shoot fee, or itemised separately from the Model’s Bases Studio Fee (BSF) - which covers their time spent working on set. It is the Client’s responsibility to notify the Agency of the proposed usage term prior to the point of booking and negotiate usage fees accordingly, which includes extensions of existing agreements. In the event that this does not happen, the Agency reserves the right to invoice the Client at a rate that it deems reasonable for said Image Rights and use.
  5. Use of Images. The proposed initial media, territory and period of usage of the images must be negotiated and confirmed prior to the booking. Usage fees are either included in the shoot fee or may be itemised separately. It is the Client’s responsibility to notify the Agency and negotiate additional fees (including extensions of existing agreements) for any usage which may be required or anticipated subsequent to the time of booking. In the event that this does not happen, the Agency reserves the right to invoice the Client at a rate that it deems reasonable.
  6. Exclusivity. A special fee will be negotiated when the Assignment is for a product or service for which the Client requires that the agreement precludes the Model working for competing products, brands or services. It is the Client's responsibility to check whether any past conflicting agreements are in place which may impact the current agreement. The terms of exclusivity should be clearly defined, including sector-specific or territorial exclusivity, active term, start and end date of the exclusivity deal, and reflected in the booking fee. Exclusivity deals will only be applicable to Models who are featured by Name or as recognisable. Where a Model is deemed as being unrecognisable and unnamed in the final images or film captured through their participation within an assignment, exclusivity conditions will be deemed as being both non-applicable and non-enforceable.
  7. Weekend, Night-time, Unsocial Hours and Bank Holiday rates must be negotiated separately, prior to a booking. Unsocial hours are deemed as being between 6pm in the evening to 8am the following morning. For weekend and bank holiday bookings, the Model’s day rate will be charged at double their normal negotiated fee.
  8. Travel Time and Expenses. For any Talent travelling to and/or from an assignment on the same day as the assignment, travel will be charged at £50 per hour of travel for all assignments outside of a five-mile radius of Hyde Park Corner. For assignments requiring Talent to travel to and/or from the assignment on the day preceding or after the assignment, travel will be charged at one half of the normal daily rate for the whole day that they are to travel. Reasonable expenses incurred by Talent in fulfilling an assignment will be also be added at cost to the invoice, including but not limited to food; per diem fees; rail receipts; petrol; taxi fare. Production cars must be provided for Talent who require additional help with travel due to personal circumstances, including but not limited to age and ability/ and or injury, at cost to the Client.
  9. Fittings. The Client must pay for anytime spent by Talent participating in fittings at the Client request. Fees for fittings are charged at half the hourly rate with a minimum of £50 per hour.
  10. Manicures, Hair and Beauty Treatments. The Client must pay for any time spent by Models participating in beauty treatments outside the shoot window that are undertaken at the Client’s request. Such as, but not limited to, manicures, pedicures and waxing appointments. Each session is billed at £50 plus any expenses incurred for the treatments themselves. In such circumstances, neither the Agency, nor the Model, shall accept liability for the quality or condition of treatments received by 3rd party suppliers - irrespective of the outcome. The Client in all circumstances accepts liability and will therefore be liable to reimburse all fees and expenses incurred through the Model(s) undertaking the treatments at the Client’s request. Briefs that require a Model to change their holistic look, such as new hair colour, addition of temporary tattoos, removal of facial hair, etc, that will impact further bookings will require additional fees to be negotiated and charged for on an ad hoc basis at the discretion of the Agency, both the Model's preferences & the Agency's policies will be considered when quoting for these fees.
  11. Preparation Work. In the event that Talent are required to undertake tasks outside of the shoot window, fees will be incurred as per our terms regarding Fittings (see clause 8 above).
  12. Meals. It is the Client's responsibility to provide refreshments and meals to all Talent booked through the Agency, when shooting over a part of the day that would normally have a lunch break and/or evening meal. In the event that the Talent are booked for a shorter length of day and run into overtime on a part of the day where a meal would be had, it is the Client’s responsibility to either provide meals, or reimburse the cost of Talent purchasing their own meals, up to a maximum of £15.
  13. Mixed Agency Bookings. In the event that Talent(s) from another Agency are working on the same assignment and are providing the same services as Talent(s) from the Agency but at a higher fee, the Agency reserves the right to charge at an identical fee for the Talent it has provided.
  14. VAT. VAT will be added as appropriate to all fees in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. It is the Client’s responsibility to budget for this appropriately, as in the event that the Talent provided by the Agency are VAT registered, then it will be chargeable on the whole invoice from the Agency.
  15. Equity TV Commercials. A day’s work is ten hours and includes a one-hour meal break. A half day booking is five hours and the start time must not be later than 2pm. Talent must be given a break for rest and refreshment after 5 hours continuous work in all circumstances on Equity TV Commericals.
  16. Overtime is charged at one-fifth of the BSF / shoot fee per hour until Midnight. After Midnight, the overtime rate doubles until Talent have wrapped.
  17. Fees. The Agency will invoice for all fees for an assignment and the Talent disbursement will be included within the invoice total. The fee negotiated will be reflective of both the Talent’s fee and the agent’s fee, otherwise referred to as Agency commission, which will usually be charged between 20% to 37.5% of all fees for an assignment (excluding expenses). Agency commission for an assignment will vary depending on the agreements in place between the Agency and Client, the work being undertaken, as well as the agreements in place between the Agency and its Talent for representation by the Agency.
  18. Payment. Payment on all invoices is required within 30 days of date of invoice, unless agreed upon with the Agency prior to the confirmation of its Talent in servicing an assignment. In all cases the person booking Talent from the Agency will be invoiced and solely responsible for payment unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking. No use of images is permitted unless and until all relevant fees have been paid. Payment terms will always be from the date the Agency has invoiced the Client, irrespective of the Client’s internal accounts processes.
  19. Bookings are not confirmed until The Agency has received a signed and returned contract as per the Agency’s standard Booking Form, stating that the Client in advance of engaging its services accepts our Terms and Conditions’ herein. If a Client requires their own contract, or release forms, to be signed in addition to the Agency’s Booking Form, the terms and conditions of the Agency will hereby supersede that of the Client where the Client terms come into conflict. By using our website and/or signing our Booking Form this is, in all circumstances, taken as acceptance of our Terms and Conditions to apply on the assignment for which the Agency’s Talent have been booked. The booking from shall be prepared on behalf of the Agency and for our Talent and issued to our Client in relation to a Talent booking. No amendments or alterations made to our Booking Forms by a Client will binding or valid unless they have been approved and counter signed by a member of the Agency.
  20. Client initiated Cancellations: Cancellation fees will be due if an assignment is cancelled by the Client. If a booking is cancelled within one working day of the starting time the full fee is charged, unless the same Model is re-booked within 24 hours in which case half the fee will be charged. If a booking is cancelled outside the one-day period but within two working days of the starting time, then half the fee will be charged. These terms and our Booking Form will from the “agreement” between our two parties, The Agency and The Client. In the event that Talent have been booked for more than three days duration, the Client will be required to cancel within a period equal to, or greater than, the number of days for which the relevant Talent has been booked. Failure to give sufficient notice of cancellation for multi day bookings with a number of days equal to or greater than the number of days that the Talent was due to work will therefore result in the full booking fee being charged in the event of cancellation, unless the Client can rebook the same Talent within 24 hours of cancelling.
  21. Agency Initiated Cancellations: The Agency will take all reasonable steps and precautions to avoid the cancelling of a booking or the removal of Talent, however the Agency shall be entitled to cancel a booking at any time and for any reason, prior to the booking date without liability. In the event that The Agency needs to cancel a booking or remove a Model from a booking, the Agency will use all reasonable endeavours to provide the Client with adequate notice and take all reasonable steps to offer to the Client a suitable and alternative replacement. It is the Client’s responsibility to procure the necessary insurance cover and protect against any associated liability resulting in such cancellation.
  22. Illness. If a booking is cancelled because of illness or some other reason beyond the Model’s or Agent’s control, neither the Agency nor the Model shall not be liable for cancellation charges.
  23. Weather-Permitting Bookings. At the first cancellation, a half-fee is charged unless the Client fails to cancel in time to prevent the Model’s attendance, when the full fee is payable. At the second cancellation the full fee is charged. For this to apply, the Client must make it clear at the point of booking the relevant Talent that the booking is conditional on weather conditions.
  24. Use of Images by Photographers/ Videographers. The Photographer/ Videographer is not automatically entitled to use any of the images or motion media they take for any usage other than their personal portfolio, beyond that what has been agreed and paid for through the Agency. The Photographer/ Videographer to this extent agrees to restrict use of their copyright and, if the Client is not the Photographer/ Videographer, the Client is to draw these terms and conditions to the attention of the Photographer/ Videographer and obtain their agreement before the shoot commences.
  25. Unpaid Test and Experimental Shoots. A photographer is not entitled to use test and experimental photographs for commercial purposes of any kind. In the event that a Client does use test or experimental photography for commercial use, the Agency reserves the right to invoice the Client at a rate that it deems reasonable.
  26. Complaints. Any cause for complaint should be reported immediately as it arises on the day that it occurs to the Agency directly by the Client. Complaints made retrospectively, where the Agency was not able to address the issues directly relating to the Client’s complaint, so to find a solution to the problem that had occurred, will not be considered in retrospect. Complaints for an assignment must be raised within a maximum of 24 hours of the job wrapping and not at the receipt of the invoice for an assignment from the Agency.
  27. Model Conduct. Whilst every reasonable effort is made to provide satisfactory and efficient service to all Clients the Agency cannot be held responsible for a Model’s conduct nor for any costs incurred by a Model's lateness or non-appearance at an assignment. A Client should have insurance to cover liability in this case. In the event of a no-show, the Agency will endeavour to do its utmost at sourcing a viable alternative to the original Talent booked on the assignment.
  28. Health & Safety on Location. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that all Health and Safety requirements are in place on all assignments and to carry out a risk assessment prior to the assignment to ensure safe working conditions for the relevant Talent booked. The Client is responsible for the Model’s safety in every aspect including the location, equipment and work conditions.
  29. Protection of Talent. Explicit consent is required for activities involving nudity or semi-nudity, with advanced notice required prior to the point of booking the relevant Talent for an assignment. In all circumstances, the Talent's rights and dignity must be respected at all times and they must agree to shooting in such a manner that they are happy to do so, without feeling coerced to do so without prior discussion. Adequate provisions must be made for privacy when dressing at all times, Furthermore, all Talent must be treated with respect regardless of their race, creed, gender, ethnicity, or ability. All forms of discrimination, intolerance, sexual harassment, homophobic or racist abuse will not be tolerated.
  30. Insurance. It is the Client’s responsibility to arrange insurance of all kinds for an assignment, including but not limited to, personal accident, accidental damage, contents, theft, public liability, equipment and third-party liability insurance - including indemnity in the event that a Model is unable to attend the assignment for any reason.
  31. Images. It is an integral part of a booking agreement that the Client will make every effort to provide a copy in reasonable format of the finished work of the assignment. Models/Talent are granted use of their own imagery to be used in conjunction with self-promotion and portfolios, unless explicitly denied under NDA. The Agency is not labile for misuse of any images/ footage provided to us by Talent for their promotion.
  32. Indemnity. The Client will indemnify the Agency and the Talent it provides to service an assignment for the Client against all liabilities arising from the Client breaching the term of the agreement, using images unlawfully or without authorisation, or in the event that the Client through an assignment has violated the of laws and regulations of the United Kingdom.
  33. GDPR/ Data Protection. Compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws is mandatory, ensuring the appropriate handling of personal data.
  34. Dispute Resolution, amendments and Governing law. These terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes will be resolved under the jurisdiction of these laws. No amendment to these terms is valid unless in writing and signed by authorized representatives of both parties. The agreement is subject to the laws of England and Wales.
  35. Confidentiality. All parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of the booking details. Miscellaneous provisions cover various aspects of the booking process, rights, and obligations.
  36. Artificial Intelligence AI. Unless specifically agreed upon as a condition of booking prior to engaging our Talent to service an assignment, under no circumstances can we allow for the name, image, likeness or performance of our Talent - inclusive of any images, pictures, voiceovers, statements, or moving images – captured when servicing an assignment be used, manipulated and repurposed through use of artificial intelligence to create inauthentic performances through the creation of digital avatars. In such a situation where the Client wishes to repurpose the captured authentic image, likeness or performance of our Talent through AI generated methods for commercial purposes beyond the scope of the assignment they were booked for and the agreed usage term / image licence associated therein, authorisation of the Talent will be required and additional fees will need to be negotiated that are commensurate with the media, duration and territories in which these artificially produced manipulations of their image are being shown within.

This version of Terms and Conditions supersedes all previous versions that precede the current Terms and Conditions of the Agency.

It is the Client/ bookers responsibility to check these Terms and Conditions for updates. Changes will be updated in this listing, on this website.

The Agency reserves the right to negotiate within the structure of these Terms and Conditions without prejudice to any prior or subsequent negotiation or agreement.