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Hired Hands Models took a bit of a hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, essentially closing the office when the UK went into lockdown on 23rd March. We felt at the time that it was best to prioritise the safety of our models and do our civic duty in supporting the national drive to stay at home.


Now that the UK Government has started to ease restrictions, allow groups of individuals to meet socially and are actively encouraging the UK to get back to work, we are now open to new bookings again on a case by case basis.


In addition to our standard terms and conditions, we require the following safety criteria to be met for us to accept a booking;


1)      As the Government have advised that public transport be avoided when travelling to work to reduce the risk of contagion, car parking or taxi fare must be provided for the models to and from set safely. Any costs would be in addition to the day rate of the talent and not included within their fee.

2)      PPE must be purchased and made available to all talent, with face masks, face guards and gloves for hands not in use being essential.

3)      Hand washing facilities must be available and stocked with appropriate anti-bacterial soaps for all talent, with hand sanitiser also encouraged.

4)      Social distancing must be maintained at all times by everyone on set and the talent cannot make physical contact with one another or with any other crew, with the exception of hair, make up or nail artists.

5)      Where hair, make up or nail artists are present on set, they must have completed Covid-19 Barbicide Certification, or must be able to provide an alternative infection control strategy to ensure safety when carrying out their duties on set.

6)      The booking party must provide their full Covid-19 control strategy in advance of the job for this to be shared with the talent before acceptance of booking confirmation. We would also recommend that all individuals on set complete a Covid-19 Health Declaration in advance of the shoot, to ensure that no one involved could potentially be putting crew at risk. We would recommend using the APA's Covid-19 Health Declaration Form  as a template for creating a Hleath Declaration Form for your own shoot. 


If all of the criteria above are met, then we will be more than happy to facilitate booking talent. However, acceptance of any booking will be at the model’s discretion that they are ultimately satisfied by the safety measures being put in place.


Please bear in mind that as per our standard terms and conditions (item #25), it is the Client’s responsibility to arrange insurance of all kinds for an assignment, including personal, third party liability insurance and indemnity in the event that a model is unable to attend for whatever reason.


Model Applications


As stated on our applications page, we are not accepting new model applications at the present time due to Covid-19. We will be reviewing this in accordance with changes in the UK Government's Covid-19 alert level with a view to changing this policy once we feel it is safe to do so. Any applications sent at this time will not be replied to or progressed to a further stage.


Manicurists / Nail Care


At the time of writing this nail salons within the UK are closed, which means it is a little bit harder for our hand models and feet models to maintain their hands. Please remember that our models are not nail technicians themselves, so not every model would be able to produce perfect professional nails to more technical briefs.


We would therefore recommend booking a manicurist if anything above ‘natural nails’ is required by the model on a shoot and, as per our conditions in the Models Booking section of our Covid-19 Policy, would require them to be Covid-19 Barbicide Certified – or must have an alternative infection control strategy in place.


Hired Hands Models do supply professional session manicurists and a number of them are Covid-19 Barbicide Certified, so please let us know if you require a nail technician for your shoot.


Office Hours / Service Disruption


As with everything, Covid-19 has changed working conditions for pretty much everyone and hopefully soon we will be able to fully return to our offices to deliver the responsive and timely service we have been providing to date.


At the present time however, we have taken the decision to relocate from our offices to our respective homes in order to ensure the safety of the team, which obviously comes at the cost of some of our usual efficiency being outside of a dedicated work space – which we hope you can all appreciate given the times we live in, as this is simply not business as usual.


If you find you cannot reach us on the office landline (0207 267 9212) please email us on info@hiredhandsmodels.com and will we endeavour to get back to you as soon as we possible within 24 hours at the absolute latest, but please bear with us as we navigate through these most uncertain times.


If any of the above is unclear or if you have further questions, please do drop us a line. Regardless, we look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can return to normality in the near future. 


About Hired Hands Models


Set up in the 90s, Hired Hands Models was the first specialist agency of any significant size in the UK to represent Parts & unrecognisable body Models.

Hired Hands Models provides a one-stop-shop for hand models of all ages and types – from teenage hands to granddad hands. It also represents leg  models, foot models, eye models and lip models.

As well as new models, Hired Hands continues to represent models who have been with the agency since the very beginning. A testament to good practice and reliability.

Hired Hands was founded by Steve and Judi Barker in 1991. Before setting up Hired Hands, Steve was an advertising copywriter working at various top agencies including TBWA. Judi has a background in theatre production and casting. 

In January 2019 the Hired Hands team expanded with Chloe Barker (yes she is Steve and Judi’s daughter) and Thomas Albone (her long term squeeze) coming on board. Both Chloe and Thomas bring with them a combined 20 years’ experience in media, digital, content creation.

Chloe started her career as a Video Editor, focused on TV & advertising, working for the likes of BBH and The Mill. Chloe has masses of shoot experience, as both lead creative & technical supervisor. She has spent the last few years focusing on social media and e-commerce strategy for global brands. Notable clients include, The Coca-Cola Company, Honda, Clarks, Google, Swarovski, Baileys and Apple Inc.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/barkerchloe/

Thomas comes straight from Publicis Groupe where he worked at Associate Director level with companies such as Aviva, Harvey Nichols and Mercedes. He brings with him a wealth of hands on experience managing and coordinating creative asset production, for the likes of Durex, Scholl & Vanish on a global scale.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/tealbone/

Together  have a reputation for being innovative and dependable and because Hired Hands is still family run, we are always available at the end of the phone whatever the hour. Just as important – so we’ve been told – we’re nice to work with.

Hired Hands Models Ltd, Creative Works, 7 Blackhorse Ln, Walthamstow, London E17 6DS