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Violeta Sofia - Meet The Model

Violeta Sofia - Meet The Model

3 February 2024

In this months Meet The Models, we've been chatting to new our signing Violeta.  

Hi Violeta!

1) How did you get into the industry?

While I was in university, I aspired to balance modelling with my education, but my body didn't align with
the conventional standards due to my curves. However, in recent years, those standards have
evolved. Surprisingly, I was contacted by a modelling scout via Facebook to participate in an
inclusive campaign for Adidas. When I explained that I had gained weight, shaved my afro, and
my vitiligo had become more prominent, they responded that this was precisely what they were
seeking. At the time, I was 39 years old.

2) Do you remember your first job?

Working for Adidas was an incredible experience. As a photographer myself, entering such an inclusive set
where I didn't have the responsibility of taking pictures was refreshing. The team was incredibly
supportive, and the atmosphere among the rest of the cast was enjoyable, with delicious food
adding to the positive vibes. To make it even better, they knew I do kickboxing, so they brought
gloves and choreographed some moves for me to be photographed with. It was truly a
memorable experience.

3) What’s been your favourite campaign you have worked on and why?


4) Any advice to new faces?

Recording yourself and practicing poses in front of a mirror can be incredibly beneficial. It's
something that has helped me gain control over my facial expressions. When the
lockdown occurred soon after I started modelling, I had to tape myself for castings. This
process allowed me to closely observe how my face looks when I talk, smile, and
express various emotions. It was a valuable learning experience.

5) Do you have a beauty routine?

Castor oil has become one of my recent discoveries. Although I had heard about it before, now that
I've tried it, it's become my top choice. I use it for my hair, skin, and as an anti-
inflammatory remedy.

6) What is the strangest thing you’ve been asked to do on set?

I haven’t been asked for anything strange

7) Do you have a dream brand or client you are yet to shoot for? A Dream Collaboration? And why?

I would love to model for Nike, MAC, Gucci, Tom Ford, SKIMS, Bulgari, Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and
Tiffany to name a few, because each of these brands represents something unique to me. Some
are known for their creativity, pushing boundaries and innovating. Others exude a certain
provocative allure and then there are those whose designs I simply adore and love to wear.

8) Outside of modelling, what is your biggest passion?

Outside of modelling, I'm a professional photographer, specialising in portrait, conceptual, and
fashion photography. Photography has been a part of my life since childhood. I feel incredibly
fortunate to be able to experience both sides of the industry. I'm equally comfortable behind and in
front of the camera.
As a photographer, I typically work independently and rarely collaborate with other photographers.
While being a model, stylist, assistant, or makeup artist naturally brings you into contact with peers,
fostering the sharing of stories and techniques, photography can sometimes feel solitary. Modelling
provides me with the opportunity to connect with other photographers, share experiences, and
learn from their perspectives, enriching my own craft.

9) Have you ever been starstruck when meeting a director or celebrity on set?

No, not really, I prioritise the task at hand. "I'm here to work" is my mindset. I am so concentrated with
creating results that I forget that they are celebrities

10) If you could only take 3 things with you to a desert island, what would they be and why?Mac lipstick: I don’t go any where without my Candy yam yam :)

Compact Camera: I don’t go any where without a camera
Insect repellent: Mosquitos loooove me

11) What did you want to be when you grew up?

Lol… an artist of some sort. singer, actor… photographer

12) If you weren’t a model what would you be instead?

If I weren't a model or a photographer, I would have loved to pursue a career as a Creative Director at an ad
agency or something similar. I've always been brimming with ideas, but I can't execute them all
on my own. Being able to share my ideas and collaborate with others in bringing them to life
would be incredibly fulfilling for me.

To book Violeta please Contact Us - or CLICK HERE to view her profile.

Violeta Sofia - Meet The Model
Violeta Sofia - Meet The Model
Violeta Sofia - Meet The Model