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New Staff Member @ Hired Hands Models

New Staff Member @ Hired Hands Models

3 April 2024

Hello all models at Hired Hands! 

We hope that you all had a wonderful bank holiday and that we will see things start to pick up as we (finally) move into Springtime! As a part of our new website launch, we can now send out newsletters through our bookings softward - look at us - so expect to see a few more of these going forward from now on!

So, we have a little bit of news to share with you all today.  We have a new Model Booker in the office now - Sam Wootton - who has joined us on a permanent basis to work alongside Inina and help us day-to-day with all things related to bookings, castings and coordinating confirmed jobs. 

Sam not only joins us with a total of +3 years’ direct experience as a model booker / talent agent, but he also has experience of being behind the camera as a model and visual artist.

You should therefore all expect to hear from Sam soon with potential job opportunities!
He will be using the number that was previously assigned to our freelance booking’s assistant - Dan Brown - and he will have the following contact information going forward:

Mobile: 07799 012 312

So, feel free to drop him a text or email to say hello!

Many thanks,
Thomas and Chloe